We’re responsible for ensuring the highest standards of cleaning in a growing number of schools and colleges throughout the West Midlands.

There are all sorts of reasons why a spotless classroom is a key part of a positive learning experience and it’s rewarding for us to know we can make that difference.

Here’s some food for thought on why cleaner schools are better schools. We’re grateful to our hardworking, expert teams in helping influence these great results:

  • Flawless hygiene standards give peace of mind that no nasty bugs will be lurking to affect children’s health or potential staff sickness – absences can be a major concern so sparkling school surroundings are of the utmost importance.
  • A germ-free school is one where staff and pupils feel valued and nurtured – an excellent and clean environment provides optimum opportunities for learning.
  • Parents are happy if the school is clean – and we all know that the best foundation for happy children is built on a flourishing partnership between school and family.
  • Teachers aren’t distracted by matters of cleanliness and hygiene – who wants to worry about less than satisfactory cleaning when you have a class waiting?
  • Valuable resources and equipment is better protected and maintained when a trusted, professional cleaning team regularly oversees the upkeep of classrooms, not to mention libraries, IT departments and kitchens.

To speak to us about our school cleaning services please contact ChemDry Excel free on 0800 032 9672.

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