Here at C D Excel, we specialise in providing commercial and domestic contract cleaning services across Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands. With over two decades of experience and a team of professional cleaning experts, you can expect nothing less than perfection every time we clean your premises.

What Do We Clean?

We provide our services to a wide range of clients, including schools, offices, homes, and so many more. Our standards are extremely high; when you choose our contract cleaning services, you choose a sparkling clean environment – every time.

Just some of the areas we clean include:

  • Carpet
  • Hard floors
  • Desks
  • Upholstery
  • Toilets

You might wonder, what makes our C D Excel cleaning services stand out from the crowd? If you choose us, here is what you can expect:

Daily Cleaning

If you need it, C D Excel provides daily cleaning services, ensuring your premises stay dazzlingly clean every single day. This service is perfect for places that get a lot of foot traffic throughout the day and require constant cleaning. When workers show up the next morning, the site will be as good as new – each and every day.

Safe and Effective Products

Our C D Excel products are the best of the best for cleaning. Not only are they effective at removing dirt and stains, but the formula is also very safe. It has non-toxic chemicals and does as little environmental damage as possible.

A Better Brand Image

If you are a business looking for a regular cleaning service, using ChemDry Excel is the perfect solution. With such quality and attention to detail, your premises will look exceptional after each clean, ensuring that any clients or visitors will view your company and its quarters as a professional one.

A Hygienic Area

In a world that has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, people take hygiene more seriously than ever. Luckily, at C D Excel, hygiene was always our goal. When you choose our contract cleaning services, your premises will be as hygienic as possible. This can help stop the spread of viruses and keep you, your staff and your clients safe.

The Highest Health and Safety Measures

At C D Excel, we believe that keeping our staff and customers safe and healthy is the number one priority. We follow all legislations, and every one of our team members has the right qualifications and experience to do the job properly. If you would like, we can supply our health and safety policy to give you further peace of mind.

A Professional Team

All our valued staff members are highly trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing, whether cleaning your carpets, upholstery, or bathroom. Plus, you won’t only receive a professional clean through skill and expertise, but you’ll also receive a friendly and helpful team that can answer any of your questions.

Get In Touch Today

Here at C D Excel, we believe in reaching the highest of standards when it comes to professional-grade hygiene and cleaning. If you choose our contract cleaning services, you can expect the same quality of service every time with no compromise.

Whether you need school, office, home cleaning, or anything else, please feel free to contact our friendly team for more information today. We also provide a no-obligation on-site quotation, so don’t hesitate to book one with us!

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